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Why agrivoltaics?
Agrivoltaics combines the agricultural use of land with the production of electric energy by photovoltaics. It provides the chance to establish solutions for production of food crop and, at the same time, electricity generation under consideration of soil protection and water savings. It thus allows a powerful solution to several issues arising with climate change.

What is the AgriVoltaics conference?
Agrivoltaics systems have been successfully installed in some countries, and time has come to connect the scientific community and promote international exchange to advance systems and technology.
The AgriVoltaics conference is the first international conference on this topic. It will cover all aspects, from science to application, reflecting the wide thematic range. The program will comprise of scientific presentations, chosen from a reviewing process, and invited high-level keynote talks.
An exhibition and a technical tour to installations, from innovative test facilities to best practice, will supplement the program.

When and where will it take place?
The first conference edition will be in Perpignan, France, from August 26-28, 2020.
The conference will be held annually, with the second edition planned in Germany in August 2021.

Who are the organizers behind it?
Initiators of the conference are the scientific institutes INRAé from France and Fraunhofer ISE from Germany, plus PSE Conferences, a conference organizer specialized in Renewable Energy.

Who is the conference intended for?
The conference will provide high-level scientific exchange and great networking opportunities for:

  • researchers from PV and agriculture (including agronomy, biology and hydrology) and those working "in between";
  • companies such as PV module, mounting systems and tracker manufacturers, EPC companies, renewable energy producers, as well as those providing farm machinery equipment and seed producers;
  • conventional and organic farming associations, agricultural federations and similar stakeholder groups;
  • experts from politics and finance open for innovative and future-oriented ideas.

Why attend?
There are at least 5 good reasons to join this conference. It gives you the chance to:

  • network face to face with likeminded people and peers from research and industry and from a wide range of backgrounds;
  • expand your knowledge: You'll learn about a whole lot of new ideas giving you great inspirations;
  • present your ideas and work to others – and get feedback providing new insight. Your scientific paper may be published in the highly ranked AIP conference proceedings;
  • meet the who's who of the international agrivoltaics scene and people from all continents your everyday work will benefit from;
  • bring theory and practice together by meeting and listening to talks from both scientists and industry as well as in a technical tour showing latest applications.



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Dates and Deadlines

Start Online Registration: July 15, 2020
End of Early Bird: August 12, 2020
Poster/Presentation Upload: by September 28
Paper Upload: by October 26
AgriVoltaics 2020: October 14-16, 2020


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